Resources: Shichida’s 65 Day Math Program

According to Makoto Shichida, rapid computer-like calculation is a characteristic of the high speed automatic process function of the right brain. You infants can be taught to recognise the number of dots on cards up to 100. Eventually they can learn the answers to complex arithmetic problems before they acquire any conscious understanding of mathematics. The ShichidaContinue reading “Resources: Shichida’s 65 Day Math Program”

Right Brain Education Unveiled

In today’s challenging world, having a high IQ no longer guarantees success. A well-rounded individual comes from a background where he is loved, knows how to love and has a balance of intellectual and emotional intelligence. That’s where the Right Brain Education (RBE) comes in to realise a child’s highest potential. What exactly does RBEContinue reading “Right Brain Education Unveiled”

Right Brain Education: Shichida, Heguru, and TweedleWink

To understand the differences between the top three most popular Right Brain Education philosophies, we need to go back to its origins. The exact origins are vague and hazy. Depending on whom you speak to, there are some variations in the story. I believe the following is the gist of it. Our story begins withContinue reading “Right Brain Education: Shichida, Heguru, and TweedleWink”