Nurture vs Nature

The whole nurture vs nature debate is a long and ongoing one. Even experts can’t agree on which one holds more value. What they can agree on is that it isn’t one or the other. Nurture and nature are intricately woven in such a way that one does not exist without the other. Recently, IContinue reading “Nurture vs Nature”

My Early Learning Experiences

Recently, I did an interview with Rima Fi from Montessori and Beyond. It is recorded as an audio podcast which can be heard on her blog: Podcast no.3 – Right Brain Training and the results… For those of you who are curious to hear about my experiences with my children who are now turning 15Continue reading “My Early Learning Experiences”

Sign Language for Babies

Sign language for babies was a topic I stumbled on accidentally when watching the comedy movie – Meet the Fockers. In the movie, one of the side characters was a little boy named Jack. In the story, Jack is still preverbal and yet to speak his first word, but Jack can use sign language toContinue reading “Sign Language for Babies”

You are the Best First Teacher for Your Child

This video was sent to me as a motivational video but I want you to ignore that part. I wanted to share this video as an example of what children are capable of learning when they have a dedicated teacher. The child in this video is very young. Although I don’t have the exact ageContinue reading “You are the Best First Teacher for Your Child”

Our Recommended Toys and Activities for Kids

In no particular order, these are some of the toys we like to see in toy boxes for little ones. 1. Wooden Blocks If there is one toy every parent absolutely must have, it should be the wooden blocks. Children can develop so many skills with a set of blocks; stacking, balance, and creativity are justContinue reading “Our Recommended Toys and Activities for Kids”