The Purpose of Manipulatives for Learning Maths

“Manipulatives can be important tools in helping students to think and reason in more meaningful ways. By giving students concrete ways to compare and operate on quantities, such manipulatives as pattern blocks, tiles, and cubes can contribute to the development of well-grounded, interconnected understandings of mathematical ideas.” Stein and Bovalino (2001) The use of manipulativesContinue reading “The Purpose of Manipulatives for Learning Maths”

How to Increase Your Child’s Spatial Intelligence

Spatial intelligence (spatial reasoning or visual-spatial ability) is a subgroup of reasoning skills that allow us to visualise spatial images in our heads and mentally manipulate them. This ability helps us to think about objects in three dimensions and to make inferences about those objects from the limited information available to us. “Spatial thinking, or reasoning, involves theContinue reading “How to Increase Your Child’s Spatial Intelligence”

Should I Teach My Baby to Read?

There are a lot of arguments warning parents against teaching children to read too early. They say it can cause a number of problems, such as increased frustration and dyslexia. On top of it, experts have weighed in and said that the children aren’t really reading. According to them, what’s happening is that children areContinue reading “Should I Teach My Baby to Read?”