My Brilliant Brain – Accidental Genius

Articles in this series: Part 1 – Born Genius Part 2 – Accidental Genius Part 3 – Make Me a Genius Accidental Genius In this post, we’re going to look at part 2 of My Brilliant Brain – the accidental genius. The documentary features two “accidental geniuses”: George Widener – a prodigious savant with amazing skills inContinue reading “My Brilliant Brain – Accidental Genius”

My Brilliant Brain – Born Genius

My Brilliant Brain is a National Geographic documentary about geniuses – how they are born and how they are made (the DVD is still available on Amazon if you’re keen to watch it). I wanted to share the stories because I think there are a few lessons to be learned when nurturing our own children.Continue reading “My Brilliant Brain – Born Genius”

Building Brain Power with Chess

“…children who learn chess at an early age achieve more in the traditional maths and sciences. Chinese, European, and American research all find significant correlational values after just one year of systematic chess exposure. The most striking benefits are those associated with problem-solving and creativity. Langen, 1992 Teaching young children to play chess is aContinue reading “Building Brain Power with Chess”

Working with Younger Children

When working with younger children, many parents have questions, such as: What age should I start linking memory with my child? How do you do Mandala with a baby?  How can you get a two year old to look at 3D pictures? We will try to address them here in this post. The QSR ProgramContinue reading “Working with Younger Children”

Activity Sheets

As part of the Right Brain Education program, children are encouraged to complete a variety of puzzle activities and games. These activities help to develop problem-solving skills, logic and reasoning, and fine motor skills. Additionally, these activity sheets require children to write by hand as opposed to typing on a computer or a tablet. WritingContinue reading “Activity Sheets”

The Montessori Method

What has the Montessori approach got to do with Right Brain Education? Even before Makoto Shichida was born, Maria Montessori had developed her educational philosophy and methods surrounding the “absorbent mind”. If Glenn Doman is the father of Right Brain Education, Maria Montessori, most assuredly, is the mother. The absorbent mind is the sponge-like capacityContinue reading “The Montessori Method”