SEE’s Maths Method

If you have an older child who is beyond the recommended age for the red dot math programs, you can try this method of teaching basic math concepts. I stumbled across SEE’s Maths Method quite a number of years ago and it seems that a lot of the information available on it is no longerContinue...

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Right Brain Education Math Programs

The Right Brain Education Math Program was first conceived by Glenn Doman when he began the Red Dot Card Math Program. Since then, a number of ways to teach this program have been developed. You can read more about them here: Glenn Doman – Red Dot Math Program Shichida 65 Day Math Program BrillKids LittleContinue reading “Right Brain Education Math Programs”

Resources: Shichida’s 65 Day Math Program

According to Makoto Shichida, rapid computer-like calculation is a characteristic of the high speed automatic process function of the right brain. You infants can be taught to recognise the number of dots on cards up to 100. Eventually they can learn the answers to complex arithmetic problems before they acquire any conscious understanding of mathematics. The ShichidaContinue reading “Resources: Shichida’s 65 Day Math Program”