Heguru Right Brain Education: Ruiko Henmi

Ruiko Henmi is one of the founders of Heguru. She is one of the most inspirational women I have met. Get to know a little more about the Right Brain teacher who has brought out the potential in so many students. About Ruiko Henmi Mrs Ruiko Henmi is the Principal of Henmi Educational General Laboratory.Continue reading “Heguru Right Brain Education: Ruiko Henmi”

Prenatal Communication

Right Brain Education begins in the womb. For expecting mothers, you can begin your RBE journey with prenatal communication. Read on to learn more about it from Pamela Hickein and Wennie Sun (Right Brain Kids). Five Gifts of Love and Insight for Mother and Child As a right-brain prenatal educator for over 20 years –Continue reading “Prenatal Communication”

Prenatal Meditation

If you would like to explore Prenatal Right Brain Education, try the following series of prenatal meditation videos from Right Brain Kids. These videos are suitable for expecting mothers who wish to begin right brain education with their babies in the womb. They portray the various stages of pregnancy through visualisations with soothing background harpContinue reading “Prenatal Meditation”

The Top 3 Right Brain Schools

Keen on enrolling your child in right brain education but not sure where to start? Read on to find out more about the top three Right Brain Education schools: Shichida Heguru TweedleWink The Differences Between Shichida, Heguru and TweedleWink Pace – TweedleWink believes in following the body’s natural rhythm.  Flashcards should be presented at theContinue reading “The Top 3 Right Brain Schools”

Right Brain Education Unveiled

In today’s challenging world, having a high IQ no longer guarantees success. A well-rounded individual comes from a background where he is loved, knows how to love and has a balance of intellectual and emotional intelligence. That’s where the Right Brain Education (RBE) comes in to realise a child’s highest potential. What exactly does RBEContinue reading “Right Brain Education Unveiled”

Develop the True Thinking Ability

From the Heguru Handbook. When children enter primary school, the ability of their left brain will strengthen. During these primary years, it is important to master the left brain’s “true thinking ability” and the right brain’s “ability of the heart” (EQ). True thinking ability is the ability to think logically and to use sensible judgment.Continue reading “Develop the True Thinking Ability”

Top 3 Right Brain Home Activities

For the parents who don’t have the time or energy to do everything, it can be difficult to complete all the activities from the right brain education home practice guidelines. If you find yourself in this situation, Ruiko Henmi from Heguru suggest these as the top three activities (in this order) that you should focus on.Continue reading “Top 3 Right Brain Home Activities”