The Evolution of Right Brain Education

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In the 1960s, Dr Roger Sperry performed split-brain experiments revealing distinct differences between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. His findings inspired new techniques for developing the brain by tapping into both sides of the brain to utilise their unique potential strengths. Individuals such as Tony Buzzan and Edward de Bono came up with new educational methods.

At about the same time, physical therapist Glenn Doman discovered that specific movements helped stimulate brain development. He applied what he had learned to brain-injured children and discovered that he could help these children catch up in development to their “normal” peers. He then applied the same methods with “normal” children and witnessed amazing results. These methods evolved into an accelerated program for teaching children to read, do math, develop encyclopaedic knowledge and be physically superb from infancy.

When Makoto Shichida, a Japanese professor in education heard about these developmental techniques, he began to apply them on very young children through games and activities. These children began to develop at an amazing rate, revealing enhanced abilities. Some had photographic memory; some were extremely creative; some had superior IQ; some had superb linguistic skills and were able to master multiple languages; some developed perfect pitch; some developed excellent intuition – the children developed a variety of these abilities and more. These methods were so successful with young children that a school was eventually formed to teach the Shichida Method. From there, other schools followed quickly – Heguru (HEGL) and Right Brain Kids (TweedleWink/Wink).

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