The Goals of Right Brain Education

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There are 8 goals in Right Brain Education:

1. Develop a Loving Relationship between Parent and Child

It is important to foster a loving relationship between parent and child because the right brain abilities can only be reached when the child feels loved. When there is discord and disharmony, especially between parent and child, learning problems emerge and the pathway to the right brain closes. Focusing on developing the relationship between parent and child not only facilitates learning, it also helps to strengthen the family unit.

2. Develop Right Brain Senses

Touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight are all considered left brain senses. Similarly, the right brain also has its own set of senses which Professor Makoto Shichida referred to as “HSP” or Heightened Sensory Perception. Right Brain Education helps to develop the right brain senses to enhance the individual’s intuition and perception.

3. Enlarge the Brain Capacity

The brain is like a cup – it can only hold so much information before it begins to overflow. Therefore, the fundamental step before knowledge acquisition is to increase the brain’s container. Current educational programs focus only on knowledge acquisition. Right Brain Education, however, focuses on enlarging the brain’s capacity first so that it is capable of storing even more information.

4. Make Learning Easy and Fun

The human brain has abilities that surpass the capabilities of any computer ever designed by man. Unfortunately, most individuals are not always able to tap into these abilities. Right Brain Education helps children to utilise their brain’s full potential at will so that learning becomes easy and enjoyable.

5. Input Knowledge

Right Brain Education helps to create a library of information in the right brain that can be accessed at any time by children who have effectively developed the connection between the left and right brains.

6. Enhance Left and Right Brain Connection (Corpus Callosum)

Developing only the right brain does not create genius. It is the combination of the left and right hemispheres functioning together as one seamless unit that produces genius. In order for an individual to utilise their whole brain effectively, the connection between the left and right hemispheres must be properly developed to facilitate communication between the two halves.

7. Develop Creativity

Information that is memorised using left brain pathways relies on muscle memory. It requires considerable repetition in order for the information to be stored. Right Brain Education not only helps children remember new information more easily and completely, it also helps them to use that information creatively.

8. Help Children Discover Their Genius Potential

Children who are able to learn effortlessly have more time to explore the world around them. This enables them to discover and develop their individual passions free from the distraction of arduous learning. For example, these children spend less time studying material taught at school so they are able to pursue personal areas of interests instead of having to attend tuition classes after school. Their heightened senses, developed through Right Brain Education, and their increased confidence allows them to pursue any course they desire.

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