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I first learned about Right Brain Education when another mother shared with me that she was sending her infant son to Shichida. As a first-time mother, I was naturally curious about programs for young children. When I asked her about it, all she could tell me was that it was a flashcard program. I confess that she lost me there because it didn’t sound like anything particularly earthshattering.

Nevertheless, I did a bit of googling later and discovered that Right Brain Education could help children develop speed reading skills and a photographic memory. Now that caught my attention. All through my schooling years, I’ve always felt it would be so handy to be able to read faster and remember more. I knew of kids who could do it, but I’d always thought it was something you were born with. If there was a way to develop it, I was definitely interested.

After that day, I scoured the internet for anything and everything I could find on Right Brain Education – which was not a lot. It was like searching for details on a top-secret project that everyone knew existed but nothing more. The dearth of information made me more determined to follow Alice down the rabbit hole. This site is the culmination of everything that I have learned about Right Brain Education that I know. I have also included my own thoughts and drawn my own conclusions about certain aspects of this program which may or may not be in accordance to Right Brain Education. I’ve tried to be as accurate and true to the basis of Right Brain Education and hope that this site will provide you the enlightenment you are seeking.

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