Develop the True Thinking Ability

From the Heguru Handbook. When children enter primary school, the ability of their left brain will strengthen. During these primary years, it is important to master the left brain’s “true thinking ability” and the right brain’s “ability of the heart” (EQ). True thinking ability is the ability to think logically and to use sensible judgment.Continue reading “Develop the True Thinking Ability”

Top 3 Right Brain Home Activities

For the parents who don’t have the time or energy to do everything, it can be difficult to complete all the activities from the right brain education home practice guidelines. If you find yourself in this situation, Ruiko Henmi from Heguru suggest these as the top three activities (in this order) that you should focus on.Continue reading “Top 3 Right Brain Home Activities”

Developing the Right Brain

The notes from this article are from a Heguru Seminar covering the following topics: Left Brain vs Right Brain Is it too late for my child? 10 Rules for Developing the Right Brain The Radar Effect Left Brain vs Right Brain Left brain is the language brain. It is: slow small quantity processes one byContinue reading “Developing the Right Brain”

Notes from a Heguru Seminar

Overview: Why parents should send their children for Right Brain Education Why parents need to understand Right Brain Education What Children Want Stories of success of Japanese students who have been through Right Brain Education Success Rate in Right Brain Education Why Right Brain Education? Right brain education helps children build connections in the brain.Continue reading “Notes from a Heguru Seminar”

How to Teach Your Baby Math: Little Math versus Doman Math

It is a common question that comes up time and again – which Math program is best? Rather than asking which is “best”, I believe we should focus on what works best for you and your child. The answer to this question will vary from family to family. To help you figure out what mightContinue reading “How to Teach Your Baby Math: Little Math versus Doman Math”

Prenatal Right Brain Education

The Benefits Prenatal Right Brain Education According to Shichida, through teaching words and sending images via heart-to-heart communication, babies will develop their potential to be born with great ability. These babies grow up with 6 characteristics: always calm and smiling seldom agitated does not wake up crying at night sociable and does not cling toContinue reading “Prenatal Right Brain Education”

TweedleWink Class Outline

This is a rough outline of a typical TweedleWink class. Each lesson is broken down into 8 parts: Vision Vocabulary Culture Music Reading Math Science Art The class format is reminiscent to the Montessori style – new materials are introduced to the children on a mat. What Happens in a TweedleWink Class Class begins with theContinue reading “TweedleWink Class Outline”