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The following flashcards can be used for teaching reading via the Glenn Doman Method. The recommendation is to flash one card a second. The Glenn Doman program schedule is to show each set 3 times a day for 5 days. Once you complete the entire series of cards, you can start again from the beginning.

For a more complete flashcard reading program, we recommend using BrillKids Little Reader.

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7 thoughts on “Reading Flash Cards

  1. Thank you for explaining the bits so wonderfully and sharing your experience. Am expecting and really keen on adopting the Doman methods of learning for my little one. One query I had in the flash card reading method, so while we flash the card for the kid, should it be only picture card, or only word card or both. If both, will the baby pay attention to the word as opposed to the picture.

    1. You can use flashcards with words and pictures together or words and pictures placed separately on different cards. Both will work fine and it is simply a matter of preference. As for whether your child will pay attention to the word instead of the picture, they will. Doman’s reading method used only words without pictures, but I found that pictures were necessary for a very young child who may not know what a “skyscraper” is because they have never seen one. Words like “milk” are common in their young lives so these work even without pictures. You may also want to read this post for further questions on flashcards –

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