General Knowledge Flash Cards

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These flash cards can be used to for Glenn Doman’s Bits of Intelligence Program or for Right Brain Education Speed Play.

Math and Science:


Plants and Animals:


Top 10:




Hobbies and Entertainment:


More Flashcards:

More flashcards are available under our Right Brain Child Memberships area in our weekly lesson plans.

We also have general knowledge flashcards available on the BrillKids website. You will need the Little Reader software to use them. If you would like to purchase Little Reader, you can use the coupon BKAFF36716 to get 10% off your purchase.

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18 thoughts on “General Knowledge Flash Cards

    1. Hi Nashi – the files are Microsoft Powerpoint files. They can be opened in:

      1. Microsoft Powerpoint
      2. Open Office – This software is free to use (download here:
      3. Google Slides – You will need a google account which is free to sign up for. Upload the file to your google drive to open it.

  1. Thanks alot for being so generous in sharing these flash cards but i m not able to download says M…please help

    1. Hi Heama – if you click the link, it should take you to a page with two buttons – “import” or “download”. If you click “download” it should download the file to your computer.

  2. Omg, this is an amazing compilation; I am keen to try downloading it on my computer!! Tks for sharing!!!

  3. Hi I am not able to print the text from the sllides but can print the pictures, is there anything I have to do tweak to print both images and print

    1. Hi Saan,

      Are they all not printing the text? I checked a few and they were fine. Could you let me know while files were not working for you? Perhaps I have not checked the right one.

      1. Shen Li thank you for your prompt response, I tried colors and it only printed the colors and not the text, I havent tried the others as this is the first one I tried to print and was stuck there.

      2. Hi Saan,

        I am not sure why that’s happening because it came out for me – both the picture and text were printed. Can you try downloading the file first before printing? Or could it be the page size? Maybe the text doesn’t fit so it doesn’t get printed? I’m just thinking off the top of my head since I can’t replicate the problem.

    1. Hi Saan, I still can’t figure out why the words are not printing for you. My only guess is that maybe the paper size setting it off so it gets missed? Is there a way to adjust the print size with your printer settings? Maybe make it smaller or the “fit to page” setting?

  4. Hi Shen-Li

    A huge Thank you for this beautiful compilation. I have a doubt regarding the reading program.

    Can I start showing alphabets ( sounds) and single words together.

    1. Hi Jnapika,

      Doman did not recommend introducing alphabets because he felt it was meaningless to very young children. His focus was always to teach reading recognition of words before the introduction of alphabets. Doman’s reading program is a “whole word” recognition program which has the advantage of helping children learn to pick up reading faster. Other programs like BrillKids combine both “whole words” and “phonics” (alphabet sounds) which is thought to be more complete as phonics helps children with spelling later.

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