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This series of lesson outlines are modelled after the Right Brain Kids home learning lessons. They are weekly lesson plans that are meant to supplement and build upon the knowledge learned during TweedleWink classes. They can also be used to support your homeschool curriculum.

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Lesson 1

  • Science: Solar System
  • Art: Claude Monet
  • Vocabulary: Musical Instruments
  • Science: Parts of a Flower
  • Culture: Kenya

Lesson 2

  • Vocabulary: Carpentry Tools
  • Science: Invertebrates
  • Science: Plant Cells
  • Art: Hopi Pottery

Lesson 3

  • Science: Periodic Table
  • Culture: Italy
  • Art: Van Gogh
  • Science: Type of Clouds

Lesson 4

  • Science: Constellations
  • Culture: India
  • Vocabulary: Butterflies
  • Science: Biomes
  • Science: Parts of an Insect

Lesson 5

  • Art: Leonardo da Vinci
  • Vocabulary: Birds
  • Vocabulary: Optical Instruments
  • Science: Water Cycle
  • Art: Beadwork

Lesson 6

  • Art: Paul Cézanne
  • Vocabulary: Nature
  • Art: Paul Gauguin
  • Vocabulary: Garden Tools
  • Science: Animal Cells

Lesson 7

  • Art: Origami
  • Culture: Mexico
  • Vocabulary: Colours, Clothes, Oceans, Parts of the Body
  • Math: 1 to 10
  • Music: Middle C

Lesson 8

  • Art: Renoir
  • Science: Parts of an Atom
  • Culture: France
  • Vocabulary: Shapes, Opposites
  • Music: Vivaldi

Lesson 9

  • Art: Matisse
  • Science: Crystal Structures
  • Culture: Japan
  • Vocabulary: Cooking Tools, Fruits
  • Music: Tchaikovsky

Lesson 10

  • Art: Michelangelo
  • Science: Body Systems
  • Culture: Egypt
  • Vocabulary: Sewing Tools, Vegetables
  • Music: Schumann

More lessons are available in our Right Brain Child Member’s Only section: RBE Supplementary Activities and Materials.

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