Meditation, Relaxation, and Imaging for RBE

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Image Play is an activity that is part of the RBE program and the QSR program. There are four parts to image play:

  • Orange Card Image Training (4 years old and above)
  • Basic Image (any age)
  • Pretend Play (any age)
  • Imaginary Story ( 2 years old and above)

In Pretend Play and Imaginary Story, your child lies down and closes her eyes while she imagines all the things you talk about. You can create any script your like as long as you engage all of your child’s senses. For instance, “see the pretty flowers in the meadow”, “touch the flowers and feel the soft petals”, “smell the lovely scent from the flower”, “listen to the wind blowing across the meadow”, “taste the yummy ice cream”, etc.

If you are struggling to make up your own imaginary scenarios, you can also use meditation recordings for children. Shambala Kids has some terrific meditation recordings that you can purchase by the disc or via direct download. Shambala Kids meditations can also be used to help children learn to calm themselves down. You can play the recordings as part of your home practice for imaging or your can let your child listen to the recordings just before bedtime as a way of unwinding after a long day.

Shambala Kids Meditation

Shambala Kids Meditation for children (many of these are great for mental imaging):

  • One with the Universe
  • ShambalaKids Positive Affirmations
  • Calm and Clarity – Busy Kids Meditations
  • Healing Dolphin Journey for Kids
  • Positive Thinking – Law of Attraction for Kids
  • Magic Journey Within
  • Inner Wizard ShambalaKids
  • Dolphin Relaxation Adventure for Kids
  • Dolphin Relaxation Adventure for Kids
  • Magical Forest ADHD Affirmations
  • Before School Affirmations ADHD Natural Solutions
  • Adventures in Relaxation
  • Peaceful Sleep for Kids
  • Adventures in Imagination
  • Relaxed and in Control – Anger Management for Kids.

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