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When children enter primary school, the ability of their left brain will strengthen. During these primary years, it is important to master the left brain’s “true thinking ability” and the right brain’s “ability of the heart” (EQ).

True thinking ability is the ability to think logically and to use sensible judgment. The left brain needs to be continuously and tirelessly developed, even though most of us are already fully utilising our left brains. On the other hand, being too fully dependent on our right brain can create obstacles in our daily lives. So it is important to utilise both sides of the brain in a balanced manner and to possess emotional intelligence. Many schools and tuition centers, unfortunately, are only focussed on developing the left brain. Using the left brain means solving problems in an organised, step-by-step manner, and to analyse the situation presented.

How does a child master the true thinking ability? Take a science experiment as an example. It is not sufficient just to understand the theoretical part of science. A child who is taught science through practical examples and is encouraged to hone his curiosity will enhance his thinking ability. The “why” questions that are generated from the heart are the driving force of the child’s actual thinking ability.

Learning should take the form of experiential classes (e.g. technical courses, science experiments, society visits) rather than simply sitting at a desk copying from the blackboard. Many students find studying boring and tough when it should be enjoyble especially when new discoveries are made. It is when the study or teaching methods are incorrect that studying no is no longer enjoyable. When it is no longer enjoyable, the true thinking ability cannot be achieved. It must be developed through experiences which create excitement and enthusiasm.

Parents can assist by enhancing their learning experiences at home by creating as many opportunities as possible for their children to experience the knowledge that is being taught to them. Share new discoveries with your children and this will create excitement and curiosity.

It is important to raise children who find studying fun and are “happy in thoughts” because these children will be able to think for themselves and they will demonstrate significant creativity. Unfortunately, most students today are excellent students who dislike studying. Because they do not find learning enjoybale or fun, they forget all that they have learned after sitting for their exams. It is impossible for these students to master the true thinking ability like this.

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