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Right Brain Kids have Apps for Wink, Phonics, and PhotoEyeplay! Now you can take your home practice with you anywhere you go…

Into the Universe

What is it about?

Into the Universe is the first of a series of short books for the Right Brain Kids Wink Adventure Series. It playfully introduces the seven steps of the Wink: Right Brain Education program in one simple story. This story provides you and your child a brief exposure to:

  • Wink Step 1: Alpha Relaxation
  • Wink Step 2: Eye Exercises
  • Wink Step 3: PhotoEyeplay
  • Wink Step 4: Mental Imaging
  • Wink Step 5: Observation Training
  • Wink Step 6: Memory Linking
  • Wink Step 7: Photographic Memory & Speed Reading

What is Right Brain Education?

There are two sides of your brain: a right side, and a left. They are connected by a “bridge” — a band of nerve fibers called the corpus callosum.

Each side of your brain has a distinct “personality.” Your right side is creative and emotional. Your left side is logical and practical. The corpus callosum “bridge” that connects these hemispheres allows them to work together harmoniously, to accomplish just about anything you set our minds to!

Right Brain Kids Wink program is an early learning program for children from about six years of age that helps them to:

  1. Activate their right brain pathways so that a very high absorption of material is maintained, and
  2. Balance the harmonious flow of information between his or her right and left hemispheres to experience an accelerated learning experience using photographic memory and speed reading.

The right brain thrives on relationships and play, and it is important to remember that in Right Brain Education, the answers are not as important as the process.

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Wink PhotoEyeplay

The Wink PhotoEyeplay Flip Book is intended for children from about six years of age but even adults can use it. It offers a series of afterimage recall exercises that are designed to help activate your child’s right brain genius using the PhotoEyeplay materials and games that are part of the comprehensive Wink: Right Brain Education kit.

PhotoEyeplay (“photographic eye stimulation play”) is a fun way to super-charge your brain. PhotoEyeplay is a unique visual process that activates the right brain. It boosts your ability to see an object’s afterimage, or negative photographic image. It turns a positive image into its negative, and then returns it to its original image, to train your mind to act like a camera!

This process activates the primary vision centers used for photographic memory, speed reading and visualization by allowing the mind to create clear mental images, opening subconscious aspects of the right hemisphere of the brain, which governs memory, intuition and creativity.

Right Brain Education can help build confidence, enhance memory, self-esteem and accelerate the learning process for students of all ages, creating a complete well-rounded approach to living, working and growing.

The right brain is emotional, creative, instinctive and learns through sponging up information through a type of intuitive absorption. The left brain, on the other hand, is logical, methodical, disciplined and learns through repetition, reason and organization of data.

Educational programs today teach to the left brain. Success is measured by left brain competency. Tests, competition and critical thinking does not accommodate the right brain’s creativity, intuition and visualization.

But when the right brain is included in learning, a magical thing can happen: whole brain synergy.

Right Brain Kids’ Wink program encourages your child’s mind to learn in a whole new way by activating both hemispheres of the brain, which then helps to stimulate the visual centers of the brain. When your child’s right brain is activated before any type of learning activity, your child can learn more deeply and joyfully.

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Right Brain Kids Phonics Readers

Sam the Elf Phonics Readers were created to answer the need for a colorful, fun way to help encourage children to read. There are 3 volumes:

Effective early phonetic readers provide successful reading practice that is invaluable for your child’s future learning successes. If your child is learning to read, then these simple readers can help your child feel more confident about his or her developing reading skills, inspiring your child to read more.

Right Brain Kids stress that it  is important not to exert any pressure upon your child to read, but that you help foster a sense of reading enjoyment through your playful time with this book and your child. And with Sam the Elf as the main character, it won’t be difficult to have fun!

Sam the Elf Phonics Readers are part of the Right Brain Kids TweedleWink early education program – a Right Brain Education early learning series of flashcards, games, images and sounds to help your child (up to about six years of age) build a subconscious mental library of early foundational knowledge in eight key learning areas.

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