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In both Right Brain Education and Quantum Speed Reading programs, eye training is important for developing the speed learning ability. The purpose of eye training is to:

  • improve eyeball movement
  • widen the field of vision
  • heighten the ability to read at a glance

Beyond 3

Eye Training Exercise: Stereograms

Stereogram – an optical illusion of depth created from flat, two-dimensional image or images.

Psychology Wiki

One of the eye training exercises involves the use of stereograms. To see the hidden image, you need to look at a point beyond the image and allow your eyes to naturally focus. A 3-D image will emerge from the seemingly random pattern. Another method involves holding the image against your face while you stare blankly at it. Slowly move the image away without readjusting your eye focus allow the 3-D image to emerge.

The Benefits of Using Stereograms

According to Magic Eye Beyond 3D, using stereograms for vision training:

  • may improve vision
  • develop visual skills
  • relieve computer eye strain
  • accelerate learning and speed reading
  • improve sports performance
  • boost brain performance
  • reduce stress
  • calm the mind
  • develop intuition
  • evoke feelings of love

The use of stereograms for accelerated learning and speed reading has also been cited in Paul Scheele’s Photoreading program.

Stereogram Books

Stories with 3D Stereograms:

The original Magic Eye series by N.E. Thing Enterprises:

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